Projects / Media Coverage

Research outreach

¬ TheVioletLook: Gender Bias in Musical Recommendation – Interview at IB3 (from 1:44-16:22) (CAT/ES) (link)

¬ Music Recommendation and Diversity: Challenges and Opportunities of the Algorithms – Micro-talk at the European Researchers’ Night (EN) (link) & Workshop for the Oracle4Girls initiative (EN/ES) (link)

¬  Panelist at the MUTEK Symposium 2021 “‘MUTEK Symposium: a future without gender”, panel “Promises and challenges of technology in relation to gender“ (EN/ES) (link) & MUTEK Symposium 2022 “Science and technology for a future without gender”, panel “Algorithmic Justice in gender key” (ES) (link)

¬ AI for Music Creation and Listening – Brochure HUMAINT  / Understanding the impact of Artificial Intelligence on human behaviour (EN) (link)

¬ The Choice is Yours? How Algorithm Bias Impacts Fairness and Accessibility of Knowledge – The ORION Open Science Podcast (EN)  (link)

¬ The B side of playlists: how they have changed the way they make songs –  TV3 (CAT) (link)

¬ Recommendation algorithms could be widening the gender bias in music – Universitat Pompeu Fabra Website (EN/ES/CAT) (link)


Lesson on “MIR Evaluation Practices” prepared for the Music Information Retrieval course of the Master in Sound and Music Computing, organized by the Music Technology Group (Universitat Pompeu Fabra) (link)


DivinAI (Diversity in Artificial Intelligence) is an initiative of the HUMAINT project at Joint Research Center (EC) and the ICT Department at Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona.


¬ TROMPA (Towards Richer Online Music Public-domain Archives) Project, supported by the European Commission (H2020 770376) –  Use case: Music Enthusiasts

¬ Blog post about RecSys 2019 participation (EN) (link)

¬ Blog post about CICLing 2019 participation (EN) (link)

¬ UPF is starting a campaign to study the emotion evoked by music – LaVanguardia (ES) (link)